How to Make Money Blogging in a Simple Way



I started blogging in the year 2003. The same year when the Blogs came into existence. 

Back then, blogging activity was a part of my MBA course curriculum. Little did I know then that I would become a professional blogger in the future. 

That is the reason I am grateful to my faculty Kamath Sir. He is the one who introduced me to blogging. I am glad that I took a serious note of his advice. 

Had I not taken an interest in blogging. Then, I am sure I would have always been a frustrated corporate employee. 

In the initial days, I blogged as a hobby. But with time I figured out how to make money blogging. It was then that I started addressing myself as a professional blogger. 

Today my job profile has evolved into various realms. It includes, but is not limited to the following: 

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Writing E-Books 

These different work profiles have blogging as the core connection. Thus, the theories of Blogging are important to make a successful online venture.


How to Make Money Blogging in a Simple Way
How to Make Money Blogging in a Simple Way


Can You Make Money Blogging


The expressions that I receive when I introduce myself as a blogger are not always pleasant. Most of the times I am considered a good-for-nothing useless brat who lives off on her family’s wealth. 

Well, there is some percentage of truth to those judgments and rumors. 

I am not going to explain more on that statement. But the biggest truth remains that I live a more than a comfortable life due to my blogging income. 

With the advancements in technology, blogging has become a lucrative career. The earnings are impressive and the best part is that anyone from anywhere can be a blogger. 

This may sound too-good-to-be-true. But that is a fact. 

Blogging is a wholesome career option. It lets you do what interests you as long as you do it with your focused dedication. 

By that I mean you can have a blog on any topic under the Sun. To prove the same, I share some case studies with you below: 



     1.     A Blog on Keeping an Exotic Pet

A general reference to the word pet refers to the common ones like canines, felines, birds or hamsters. While a blog on those animals is great. But a pet blog becomes unique when it involves invertebrates. 

Raisingbeardeddragons is one such blog on reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.  

Abigail Kessler and Gabriel Jude own this wonderful blog. Their blog is a reminder check to people who think that their topic is too inconspicuous. 


     2.     A Blog on Blogging

From an uncommon blog niche of reptiles, let us move to a run-of-the-mill topic of blogging – how to blog.

A simple google search will throw you millions of web pages related to Blogging. From “how to start a blog”, to “how to make money blogging”, the resources are too many. 

The topic is too competitive. Thus, one may feel that it makes sense to get into the “blogging” niche to avoid losing to competition. 

That fact never let Jonathan Morrow from investing in his blog – SmartBlogger. 

I must mention that Jonathan suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. That is why he runs his blog through Speech Recognition technology instead of a keyboard. 

Jonathan and his blog are a few of the reasons I started this blog.


     3.     A Blog on Superfluous Hair

I am sure you know that there is no dearth of beauty bloggers on the internet. That is why the blog Epilatorgirl shines among its contemporaries.

Denisa runs this informative blog on “removing superfluous body hair”. She shares tons of information related to maintaining a hair free skin. Thus, her blog is an authority in the niche and is a go-to-resource on the associated topic.

These examples prove that a successful blog and a focused niche go hand-in-hand. 

A little research of these blogs will help you notice that each of them earn an income. The amount of money they earn varies on a lot of factors. Thus, how various bloggers make money blogging differs. But one fact that is common for these 3 random examples is that they all earn through their blogs. 

That brings me to the question –


How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?


The short answer to it ranges from “nothing to unlimited”. But that is a vague response to a question that must involve some figures. 

All blogs are not created equal. Some of them are by individual solo bloggers. While some are by big names in the industry. 

The unsegmented nature of the blogging industry creates a parity in the incomes. If one considers formal businesses that run blogs, then their earnings are massive. 

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In 2017, Forbes published a list of high earning blogs run by established companies. A few of the blogs on the list started off as individual run blogs. But later on, got acquired by big corporations and ended up being more successful. 

But even if one considers solopreneur blogging, the earning potential is lucrative. A few of the individual run blogs earn more than the traditional business set-ups. 

To further explain that fact, I have built up a list of a few blogs that are candid about their earning figures. These blogs are more or less single individual run businesses. Except for the few technical jobs, the blogs are self-managed by a single person.


Please find the blogs below:


     1.     A 6-figure income with a Food Blog


Darya is a neuroscientist who runs the popular food and health blog – Summertomato

She and her blog find a mention in The New York Times and The Oprah Times. That is why it is not difficult to believe that she earns a 6-figure income with her blog.


     2.     A 5-figure income earning Blogger from India


Harsh Agrawal is a blogger from India who addresses himself as a blog scientist. His blog Shoutmeloud is the go-to place for all stuff blogging related. 

Neither his blog is the first one to blog about blogging nor does he belongs to a developed nation. But that does not hinder his earning abilities.

A quick look at his earning reports gives an estimated guess on his yearly earnings. Even after deducting his expenses, it is a handsome 5-figure income in USD.


     3.     6-figure income within 2 years of Blogging


Rosemarie runs a budgeting blog – The Busy Budgeter. Her blog category is on saving money with budgeting.

It is ironic to know that her earnings crossed 6 figures within 2 years of her blogging journey.

The last income report published on her blog was in January 2017. Though she did not mention her expenses on the same. But the huge amount of earning is enough to cover up a big amount of expenses.

People like her are an inspiration for others to start their blogging careers.


     4.     A 6-figure earning Craft Blogger


Jennifer is a craft blogger at Jennifermaker. She went from earning peanuts to a 6-figure annual income with her blog.

She blogs about her passion for crafts and draws a 6-figure income while doing so.

It is interesting to know that it took her a few months and not a decade to make blogging work for her.

Jennifer’s journey is an inspiration for those who wish to pursue their passions.


     5.     6 Figure Earning Travel Blogger


I got a serious wanderlust bug. It is difficult for me to imagine a life without travel. 

That is the reason I respect people who travel fulltime. 

One such travel blogger whom I admire is Matthew Kepnes. I have been following his travel blog – Nomadic Matt to get information on budget traveling.

He is one of the pioneers to start a blog on the niche – traveling with a shoestring budget. But the fact is that he earns a handsome paycheck while doing so.


How Do Bloggers Earn Income from Blogging


I am sure the above examples dispel the doubt that blogging is a mere wasteful hobby.

When done right, it brings in a lot of income while following your passions. Plus, it is one of the few professions that give you an excellent work-life balance. 

It is evident that the bloggers earn an income with their blogs. But how do they do it remains a mystery for many.

If you inspect each of the blogs mentioned in this article. Then, you can see that bloggers use various approaches to make money blogging. No two bloggers will have the same exact means to earn. 

A successful blog has multiple streams of income to earn a wholesome and concrete figure. 

So, to give a clear approach on how to make money blogging, the following are the major methods that work:



     1.     Ad Revenue


This is one of the most popular ways how blogging for newbies works. The publishers get the rent for displaying ads for their digital real estate. While in-turn the advertisers get eyeballs for the ads displayed on blogs. A blog can have various ad units which can then fetch revenue based on some set parameters. 

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Both the Clicks as well as Views contribute to income.  

The quality and quantity of traffic judge the effectiveness of clicks/views. The advertising pool is dominant in the US region. That is why traffic from U.S.A audience brings in more revenue vis-a-vis from the Indian subcontinent. Also, the more the page views the more the earning potential.


     2.     Affiliate Income


Affiliate income involves earning a commission through a sale/ lead generation.

Sales or the Leads could be for a product, service or an event. The blogger earns through the referred business when the sales/leads culminate.

The earning potential through this does not have a direct correlation with traffic. Though the engagement metrics of a blog play a major role in the success of affiliate marketing.

If done with due diligence, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from a blog.


     3.     Sponsored Posts


Have you seen long posts describing a certain product/ service in detail?

Most of the times those posts are doing affiliate marketing. Though in some cases that could be a Sponsored Post too.

When a business unit contacts a blogger to write a promotional post for them. Then, it is a Sponsored Post. It is different from affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing posts, the blogger chooses the business at their own will. At times, the business will not even know that a particular blogger endorses them.

But with a Sponsored Post, the companies and bloggers work with each prior to writing the content.

This setup gives visibility to the brands. In return, they give a monetary compensation to the blogger.


     4.     Writing for Other Blogs and Publications


Many newbie bloggers make money by writing for other bloggers.

I have tried this method during my initial days of blogging. Apart from money, this method gives you a lot of confidence.

By writing for others, a blogger gets to diversify their writing skills. Also, it helps to build a rich resume.

But since newbies do not have much negotiation skills. At times it gets difficult to get a good remuneration.

Thus, one should have the terms of the contract set in clear before taking up writing projects. This way bloggers can save a lot of heartache in the process.


     5.     Products


This method works great for bloggers with advanced levels of monetization experience. It involves creating products and services that the bloggers themselves design and sell.

The popular inventory that bloggers offer includes one or all the following:

  • Online or In-person Consultation/ Coaching
  • Physical and Digital Books/ PDFs/ Worksheets
  • Online Courses and Tutorials
  • Apps, Plugins, Calculators and other Digital Tools
  • Membership Sites
  • Physical Products
  • Live Events and Conferences

Many bloggers report a huge jump in their earnings with self-created products. But venturing on this route to blogging for money for beginners is not easy.

It involves thorough knowledge of Content creation along with an understanding of a blog’s audience.


What to Do If You Are Blogging Online for Money


With consistent and focused efforts it is possible to earn money blogging. But unless you follow the proven methods. It might take years before you see the first paycheck.

Though Blogs and their topics are numerous. Even the earning values and methods of monetization are plenty. But the basics of running a blog are common. Irrespective of what you blog about and how do you monetize it. You have to adhere to the general rules of operating a blog.

They are as follows:


     1.     Begin with a Self-Hosted Blog


The old cliche goes – Content is the King.

It is fortunate that that cliche now has become a universal truth. If it was not for the Content. Then, almost every business in the Blogging space will collapse.

Having said that, it seems that the platform you choose to blog on is immaterial.

That is why one may think it is appropriate to create a free blog and make money. That is where most of the beginner bloggers go wrong.

You can never earn more than a few pennies with a free blogging service. If you determine to make a business based on Blogging, then going self-hosted is the first step to success.

Thanks to a beautiful hosting service by companies like SiteGround. You do not even need to worry about any technical complications to open a blog. They cost less than 50 USD/Year to start and they also provide a superb technical support service. It is because of Siteground’s excellent technical support that I host all my blogs with them. Because of SiteGround, I could concentrate all my efforts on Content creation. Whenever I face any issues, they resolve my queries within a few hours.

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Once you have the technical setup in place. Then, you can move on to the next step, which is to


     2.     Choose Your Niche with Caution


A niche determines your blog’s identity. So, it is prudent to choose one that you can stick with for long.

Blogging requires creating tons of Content in the selected niche. Thus, unless you are passionate about your Blogging niche. You will not be able to publish content on a consistent schedule. Moreover, you will not be able to write content with in-depth information.

A niche is your business domain. Thus, it requires a well-thought plan before you begin to blog.


     3.     Invest in Education


Once an aspiring blogger asked me what was the biggest challenge on my Blogging journey? My reply got him baffled.

My reply to him was – “overload of information.”

The internet is full of free information on “how to create a blog” and “how to make money blogging“.  Most of the content on these topics are diverse and at times conflicting.

This creates overwhelm and confusion for a beginner blogger. That is why it is better to enroll in a professional blogging course to learn the tricks of the trade.

I did not pay anyone any money to learn Blogging. But I admit that I paid the price for that is wasting a lot of time. I regret not investing in the right kind of education at the right time. Had I done it, then, for sure, I would have written this article much earlier.

A good blogging mentor is essential for an effective blogging career. Under their guidance, the path of creating a money-making blog becomes much easier.


     4.     Get the Right Tools


A blog is a silent moving machine. Even though the simplest of blogs look nothing more than a web-page. But for them to operate as a business, they require apps and tools.

Once you are through with a robust hosting partner. You need tools to carry out the daily operations of a blog.

Some of the tools include a landing page, opt-in email captures, and an email marketing software. More fancy ones could include a chatbot, reading analyst, tripwire creators and many many more.

As one progresses in their blogging career. They can then move on to more sophisticated blogging tools. Most of them come with a price tag. But there are so many of them that do not cost a dime.

One can use them to advance their blogging output.


     5.     Create Content that is Audience Driven


Among the loads of queries that I receive from readers on Blogging. The most common one is that their blogs do not receive any traction.

I know a lot many bloggers who kept writing for years but did not see any success.

In most of the failed blogs, I get to witness a clear case of content-audience disconnect. Most of the bloggers fail to understand what their audience wants. That is why none of their content resonates with their target audience. In a worst-case scenario, the bloggers do not even know who their target audience is.

This blog is for “Helping Bloggers Excel.” Likewise, every blog should have a defined niche in 5 words or less.

When one is clear about their niche, the more it prompts them to write for their targeted audience.




If you are doubtful about indulging in a Blogging career then this post is for you. Gone are the days when Blogging was a mere hobby. Today bloggers receive respect for their work and no one gives them sneer remarks.

There a lot of bloggers who make money from home and give some businesses a tough competition.

It is interesting to note that there are several ways to earn from a blog. From placing advertisements to creating products, the options are multifold.

Moreover, due to the world wide web, a blog in any part of the World speaks to a worldwide audience. That means the scope of blogging is unbound and immense.

All one needs is a passion for a chosen niche. Then, the more you create content for your readers, the more successful you become.

The case studies mentioned in the article are proof that Blogging is a fruitful career option. Now is the best time to work towards one of the best career options of today’s time.


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