You Need to Know How to Find Good Keywords



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What Is Keyword Research


For the sake of simplicity. It is the process of finding a suitable word(s) that connect your readers and your website. 

When it comes to technical parlance. It is the deliberate attempt of finding keywords that favor search queries. So, that your content includes certain words that help pull your articles in SERP. Here, SERP means Search Engine Result Pages. 

It sounds complicated. But it gets easy with a few attempts. 

If you understand how search engines work. Then, you cannot afford to ignore keywords for search engine optimization

Of course, you can do free form writing. But then you will have to up your game of hopeful marketing. Else, there is minuscule of an iota to extract a good ROI from your content writing efforts

For instance. You run a soap making business. Then, various keywords from that industry will give you different results. 

Both “buy soaps online” and “buy handmade soaps online” are legit search terms on google. Though both seem similar. Yet, they fetch you dissimilar results. 

As a business owner, you understand how much of a difference word(s) can create. Terms like “wholesale”, “retail”, “bulk manufacture” can be the real game-changers. 

When these terms are the prefix/ suffix to any search terms. You know that you and your business can enter the wrong territory. 

Furthermore, the results will vary as per your geographical location as well. 

Hence, adding keywords to a website must precede a defined keyword research process

Thus, before you carry out the keyword search. It is important to determine what are the best keywords for your business.

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