Really? Do you want to know about me?

Well, I am Aditi Mishra who owns this mishraditi.com

This blog url reads backward because I missed out on renewing my domain name, and then someone from New Delhi ended up buying it before me. I first bought the domain name with my actual name in the year 2005. But in the year 2015, I skipped renewing it.

So, that is how on this blog url I am on my family name, then my name. In a way that is good, cause I get to put my genealogy before me. By the way, I also saved on one alphabet since the last letter of my family name and the first letter of my name are common.

OK. Now the serious part.

I guess you are here reading about me because you wish to learn a thing or two about Writing for the Web. Great. I can help you with that.

This is me, a woman in her late 30s who lives a laptop life.


Aditi Mishra ~ mishraditi.com
Aditi Mishra from mishraditi.com

I too have been a typical 9-5 person years ago. Though today I write blogs, books, and content for websites. But for most parts of the day I sleep/ eat/ travel. That is possible because my various writing projects earn me a passive income.

Due to constant coaxing from readers on Quora and Twitter, I started this blog. I use this blog as a tool to share my Writing journey with the World.

If you own a Startup or if you are a Solopreneur. Then, you can use this site to jumpstart your business. All your questions related to Content Writing/ Marketing and Monetizations will find a solution here.

Feel free to be a part of my Inbound Marketing world by subscribing to updates and getting tons of Content Writing Resources.

25 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Aditi , I am looking for good content developer for a travel website , if you’d be interested do leave a message on the email. Thanks

    • What you see written as posts on this blog is all Content Writing. You can start by making Writing a habit. You need to sit and concentrate, read more, and write more to be a better Content Writer.

  2. Hi Aditi,

    I am searching inbound marketing people who have better knowledge in click funnels. How can I contact you?

  3. Hi Aditi,

    I saw your answer in Quora about using mayonnaise to straighten curly hair. You advised to make one’s own mayonnaise. You didn’t mention using store bought mayo. Does store bought mayo work just as well for this purpose? Thank you

    • Hi Gary, if you look at the label of any store-bought mayonnaise, you will see preservatives, sugars, and some artificial ingredients mentioned. They are not good for consumption, nor good for the application on hair. That is why you should make your own mayonnaise. It takes just 5 minutes to whip up eggs and oil in a blender.

      BTW, you can read more about egg treatments on my blog on handmade adventures at https://www.handmadeselling.com/egg-hair-masks-for-dry-damaged-hair/

  4. Hi Aditi,
    This is sarthak a 19 years old boy. first of all I want to say that you are too beautiful and my crush. and the question is that I’m poor in English. Can you please suggest me the \best way to learn English.

  5. Hi this is Monish from Dadar , Mumbai. I am trying to get in touch with my friend Aditi Mishra. If you are one of my please add me on facebook.

  6. Not able to reach you. It always says that your number is switched off.
    Please get in touch.
    Didn’t know how to contact you via any other medium.

  7. Hi, I was searching for an answer on Quora for using baking soda as a hair cleansing agent when I saw your answer there. Would you recommend using it over the long term and what are the negative effects it can have on the scalp? I am considering joining the #NoPoo club and need alternative methods to clean my scalp, if you have any good recommendations please educate me.


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