You Need to Know Why Your Business Needs a Blog



During my initial years of corporate job, I had issues with one of my bosses. He was not in favor of my blogging activities. Though those days I was blogging as a hobby. And I did use the office resources for my blogging hobby.

Those few minutes per day and the usage of office internet was pinching him. The laptop was mine so no computer from the office resources was a part of my hobby.

As per my then boss, blogging was a useless activity. Instead, he advocated the idea of writing for Industry journals and Newspapers.

With the course of time, my love for blogging deteriorated our relationship. The tyrannies of the HR department further fueled the issue. Though I was in luck that within some time, I got rid of that asshole boss and the toxic organization.

A few years later I got to know that that company did not exist and the boss was jobless for a long time.

But by then I had become a Blogging Junkie. Also, the same ill-fate repeated for all my ex-organizations that were not in favor of blogging.

Over the years no matter what profile I worked on. Or whatever organization I worked with. I continued blogging as a hobby. With the time that hobby turned into a full-fledged profession.

Today as a professional blogger I work on various company blogs.

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