You Need to Know How to Find Good Keywords



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What Is Keyword Research


For the sake of simplicity. It is the process of finding a suitable word(s) that connect your readers and your website. 

When it comes to technical parlance. It is the deliberate attempt of finding keywords that favor search queries. So, that your content includes certain words that help pull your articles in SERP. Here, SERP means Search Engine Result Pages. 

It sounds complicated. But it gets easy with a few attempts. 

If you understand how search engines work. Then, you cannot afford to ignore keywords for search engine optimization

Of course, you can do free form writing. But then you will have to up your game of hopeful marketing. Else, there is minuscule of an iota to extract a good ROI from your content writing efforts

For instance. You run a soap making business. Then, various keywords from that industry will give you different results. 

Both “buy soaps online” and “buy handmade soaps online” are legit search terms on google. Though both seem similar. Yet, they fetch you dissimilar results. 

As a business owner, you understand how much of a difference word(s) can create. Terms like “wholesale”, “retail”, “bulk manufacture” can be the real game-changers. 

When these terms are the prefix/ suffix to any search terms. You know that you and your business can enter the wrong territory. 

Furthermore, the results will vary as per your geographical location as well. 

Hence, adding keywords to a website must precede a defined keyword research process

Thus, before you carry out the keyword search. It is important to determine what are the best keywords for your business.

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The Best Content Writing Tips That Will Make Your Blog Better



Blogging is a rewarding and fulfilling career. It lets you do what you love while earning a handsome paycheck. 

Since you are reading this post. I am sure you got a fascination for blogging. 

No matter where you stand at present in your blogging career. You do wish to ace it further. 

A blogger’s writing tone is the tool that sets the platform for success. Most of the newbie bloggers take years to hone their writing. In the absence of effective content writing. They end up wasting their precious time and energy. This further leads to frustration and despair. 

I understand this blogging life cycle well. As an amateur blogger a decade ago. I too had my share of struggles. 

I am glad that with time I was able to overcome them. That is why today I introduce myself as a professional blogger. 

Back then I longed to have a process that could guide me to understand the nuances of blogging. My quest helped me find a lot of information for effective blogging. 

With regular iterations of using that information for digital content writing. I then zeroed into using a handful of those content writing techniques.

Read further to know them.

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You Need to Know Why Your Business Needs a Blog



During my initial years of a corporate job, I had issues with one of my bosses. He was not in favor of my blogging activities. Though those days I was blogging as a hobby. And I did use the office resources for my blogging hobby.

Those few minutes per day and the usage of office internet was pinching him. The laptop was mine so no computer from the office resources was a part of my hobby.

As per my then boss, blogging was a useless activity. Instead, he advocated the idea of writing for Industry journals and Newspapers.

With the course of time, my love for blogging deteriorated our relationship. The tyrannies of the HR department further fueled the issue. Though I was in luck that within some time, I got rid of that asshole boss and the toxic organization.

A few years later I got to know that that company did not exist and the boss was jobless for a long time. Also, that con HR person became a man Friday to the company’s CEO. 

But by then I had become a Blogging Junkie. Also, the same ill-fate repeated for all my ex-organizations that were not in favor of blogging.

Over the years no matter what profile I worked on. Or whatever organization I worked with. I continued blogging as a hobby. With the time that hobby turned into a full-fledged profession.

Today as a professional blogger I work on various company blogs.

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How to Make Money Blogging in a Simple Way



I started blogging in the year 2003. The same year when the Blogs came into existence. 

Back then, blogging activity was a part of my MBA course curriculum. Little did I know then that I would become a professional blogger in the future. 

That is the reason I am grateful to my faculty Kamath Sir. He is the one who introduced me to blogging. I am glad that I took a serious note of his advice. 

Had I not taken an interest in blogging. Then, I am sure I would have always been a frustrated corporate employee. 

In the initial days, I blogged as a hobby. But with time I figured out how to make money blogging. It was then that I started addressing myself as a professional blogger. 

Today my job profile has evolved into various realms. It includes, but is not limited to the following: 

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Writing E-Books 

These different work profiles have blogging as the core connection. Thus, the theories of Blogging are important to make a successful online venture.

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50+ Best Free Apps for Writers in the World

5 years back my writing arsenals were a notebook and a pen. Though I still carry my writing pad and a pen everywhere I go. But with time, a lot more gadgets have added to my list of writing tools. That includes a lot of best free apps for writers.

A paper and pen are the 2 basic tools of the offline world. But when it comes to online writing tools, the list is never-ending. 

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